Picture Framing

Picture Framing

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Picture framing

Looking for downtown picture framing? We provide complete picture framing services and carry a large selection of wooden picture frames as well as metal picture frames. We carry a large selection of photo frames and have some ready-made poster frames. Not only that, but we use the best quality products to make sure they last. Best picture framing near Yonge and Bloor Street, Toronto. Based on quality and price, we believe we offer great expert advice to help you get the look and style of frame to make your artwork or document look its best.

Document Framing

Finally earned your Diploma, Degree or Certificate! Now it’s time to proudly display these personal and important documents that you worked so hard to accomplish. We are here to offer our expert knowledge in choosing a frame, style of mat and type of glass to make your document look professional and classy.

  • Diploma framing
  • Degree framing
  • Certificate framing 


Plaque mounting

What is plaque mounting?
Plaque mounting is the process where we take your artwork (poster, print, photo, etc.) and laminated it onto wood. The edges are finished with a choice of edge color. Edge colors are available in 6 different colors, giving an accented finished appearance. 

This process is permanent, and is not recommended for original or limited edition artwork.

Advantages of Plaque Mounting:

  • Plaque mounts have some advantages and unique aspects to offer that make them a unique method of presenting your prints.
  • Due to the UV-protective laminate, the image will not fade over time by whitening. The plaque mount will practically last a lifetime.
  • You can also choose between a variety of colors for the beveled edges can accentuate your artwork, photo print or document.
  • As there is no glass used in this product, it makes a good choice for children’s rooms or highly frequented, areas, such as corridors, where you usually would not place fragile items.
  • A great alternative and unique way of displaying your posters or images, with a clean and simple look
Plaque mount with photo of dog


Aluminum Prints

  • Elegant  and sleek looking giving you a minimal look
  • Fantastic for black & white images, where the high contrast gives a dynamic look
  • Prints can be finished with an inset box on the back so that the image “floats” of the wall
  • All in one process so no framing is needed and very easy to hang.

Not to be confused with Metallic Prints which are awesome on their own but require framing or dry mounting to hang on a wall.

Dry mounting, and Aluminum prints are also available as alternatives to custom framing.

Canvas Stretching 

Many people return home with artwork on canvas they purchased on their travels and then have to them put on stretcher bars to have them hang on their walls. Have a piece of art and mementos from your travels on your walls is a great way to revisit those great times each time you walk past them. You can choose to have your canvas stretched normally or with a wrap-around, or even have it framed with a floater.

 When you need your images matted and artistically framed with the best quality products, we would be happy to serve your need

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