Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Canadian passport photo of women
Passport photo of blonde women

Canadian Passport Photos – US Passport photos – Permanent residency photos, Citizenship photos,

Information regarding sizes and details for passport photos, permanent resident photos, visa photos, Immigration photos, we have a detailed list of specifications for photos from all over the World.

Canadian Citizenship photos

Taking quality document photos for all countries whether it be passport photos, visa photos, work permit photos, and any other photo sizes and requirements.

How much do passport photos cost? 

We charge $20.99 +hst for 2 copies and $30.99 +hst for 4 copies (from 1 image)

All our photos are taken digitally while you wait! We take 3-4 photos for you to choose from and yes you get to choose the best image. We convert the photo to the size you require and print them in about 5 minutes.

Don’t let our speed give you the impression that our quality is anything but the highest. We use professional SLR and use very precise software to make sure the photos are done right the first time.

We also offer you the option to have your photos saved on our computer free of charge. If you choose to have them saved, future printing is only $7.00 for each photo.

Electronic copies of passport photos are also available for $21.99 +hst and $11.00+hst if print copies are ordered within a 6-month period. We will e-mail the photo to you or we can put them on your flash drive immediately after the photo are sized.

We are conveniently located  steps from Wellesley Subway in downtown Toronto. Furthermore, we are a 6-minute walk from the Greek Consulate and Thailand Consulate!

Greek passport photo specialist!

We know all the specifications for the Greek passport photos and do them on a regular basis, so you can be confident that they will be done right.

All our photos are guaranteed.r