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As you know, a great image is important for your success. We know that people judge us on our appearance and in this day and age, your profile is being looked up prior to first time meetings.
Let’s impress them with a great headshot of you.

Nobody loves to get their photo taken. I get it. But I know how to make you look good. I will guide you thru the entire process, from what to wear, how to pose and most importantly, what to think. Yes,
from your end, your thoughts are the most crucial aspect of the photoshoot. Ill take care of the rest.

I want you to look confident and approachable. Your smile will not look awkward, forced or hesitant like I see in some other photographer’s work. Your eyes will exude happiness.
Your smile will be real and believable and not overdone. And there will be no weird leaning poses; you will be upright with great posture that exudes confidence.

Getting Business headshots and LinkedIn photos is as important as ever. With Covid 19 upon us, work stability is unsure and being prepared can only help. We can get you new artistic photos safely with all the Covid  safety precautions taken.